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Surfin’ in a Hurricane – Vaporizer Pen

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Surfin’ in a Hurricane is a THC-only formula that may help bring sunshine to your stormy day. Most people experience significant euphoric effects accompanied by a dream-like sensation in the body & mind.

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Cannabinoid Content

CBD 0 mg

THC 25 mg

25 mg (THC & CBD)

Suggested Starting Dose

Your recommended dosage may vary significantly–please consult with your physician for proper dosage.

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Surfin’ in a Hurricane – Vaporizer Pen – 0.3 ml, 250mg

Route of Administration
Active Ingredient
Amount per dose
2.5 mg
Doses per day

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  • The mg per dose and number of doses per day are the two quantities that will be entered into the Registry. The product of these (mg/dose x # of doses per day) should equal the SDU of the "Active Ingredient" (THC or CBD) that is being recommended.
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How to use this product

  • 1

    Hold vaporizer with mouthpiece end closest to you. Similar to using a straw, lightly draw (inhale) from the cartridge for 2 seconds. The bottom of the pen will light up to show it is activated.

  • 2

    A 2 second inhale is considered to be 1 draw. When you exhale you may notice vapor. Take 5 deep breaths in between each draw (if multiple draws recommended).

Onset Time: 2 minutes - 5 minutes

Duration: 1 hour - 4 hours

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Pure refined cannabis oil, naturally derived terpenes


Total Rating

1 week ago

Loved this! Definitely going back for more

2 weeks ago

Finally a “Sativa” I like!
I am an Indica Guy through and through. I thought id give this vape a try because I enjoy everything else in the coral reefer line.
I really like the head effect from this product,it is potent. with a nice flavor I felt the effects on exhale.
Sativas give me some anxiety but I did not feel that with this product.

1 month ago

I’ve been smoking cannabis for a very long time & I was skeptical about trying a disposable Vape, but I thought i would give it a try & Jimmy Buffett Strain Kinda intrigue me.
Results; I have never found a weed in any form that got rid of my pain & anxiety like this Surfin’ in a Hurricane !!! Makes you very happy uplifting too … I would highly recommend it… 😌💨💨

1 month ago

Energy & happy .. buzz feeling … start slooooowww

2 months ago

Great with mood! More of an uplifting happy feeling.

2 months ago

Helps great with mood! More of an uplifting strain.

2 months ago

Love this little pen !! I am new to vaping so I’ve bought a bunch of different “flavors” this one hands down tastes the best of any I have tried, in my opinion the taste is a blend of Christmas flavors, you got a hint of pine, a citrus note that might even hint at the Pineapple on the ham, as well as just a suggestion that there might be some clove nearby. Just love this !!

2 months ago

This pen helped my adhd and gave me a body relaxation i loved. Will be buying again and again.

2 months ago

Hi, I’m The Old Stoner New To Vaping. I discovered vaping in December of 2019. It changed my life. I’m testing my way across as many different brands and strains as possible. Coral Reefer’s Surfin’ In a Hurricane scores 5 out of 5! I base my ratings on three (3) areas: Effect, Taste, and Value. Here we go.

Effect = MAX. For whatever reason, this Surfin in a Hurricane totally floors my brain. For me, a sativa is more of a brain impact versus body impacting with a indica. Whatever the case may be, I’m stupid and placid after a few hits. By FAR some of the most altering vapes I’ve found to date.

Taste = Different. This one tastes like grapefruit. I don’t really like grapefruit per se, but here, it totally works!

Value = Average. Living in FL, pricing is very fixed, but I didn’t think I’d like the disposable pen part, but actually I rather do like it. Only complaint: I wish it came in a larger size.

I would “highly” recommand Surfin In A Hurricane! Enjoy

2 months ago

I had never used anything like this before. I wondered if that dot on the side of the box was an anti theft device. It isn’t! It’s to allow you to open the box, it’s a latch. Possibly to be a child lock? There is laser etched tape on the bottom of the box that has to be cut. Then after you push the button and push the inner box down that button catches inside and you have to yank it out anyways. I read the directions. Just take a draw, the bottom lights, and Bob’s your uncle!

The first hit .. er em draw is quite satisfying, no sensation of smoke. It tastes earthy to me. Wait for 5 minutes and the effect is quite soothing, and cerebral.

3 months ago

Works wonders. Word to the masses: If your tolerance is high, this will only last 1/2 day, so your best bet would be to purchase two which gives you aprox. .6g . Pods are .5G for $60 ,so you come out on top ($10 more but worth it!)

4 months ago

I love this flavor. Wish they lasted longer but the product itself is spot on.

7 months ago

I have gotten this several times and loved it, however this last one I got seems more harsh and almost a pepper taste to it.

8 months ago

My favorite daytime pen. I can still function at work. Taste is good as well. Recommend. Love this pen for daytime use. Only drawbacks- not much product & battery ran out before product was used up on both pens I bought on my last purchase.

8 months ago

My favorite daytime pen . I can still function at work. Taste is good as well. Recommend.

8 months ago

My absolute favorite pen! Curbs my appetite and keeps me medicated for work throughout the day 🙂

9 months ago

Great taste, my mornings get off to the right start, keeps me alert and focused!

10 months ago

This is my FAVORITE “go to” daytime pen! It takes away the pain and I’m able to keep focused and continue with my day. The pineapple/mango flavor is a real plus!

10 months ago

First off, none of these pens I’ve tried ever seem to last 10 days, even at a reduced recommended use.

Needless to say, this IS a very tasty oil with an excellent buzz that will creep up on you a minute or two later and provide relief,
and I really dig the packaging it comes in.

Too much will have you anxious.

11 months ago

Very interesting taste to it. I can say that I notice the oil content go down noticeably every time I hit it but the thing is very strong I will say this. I wish they provided more info on strain types and if it’s sativa or indica but nonetheless it’s a great little device and you can’t really beat the price. More worth it in the disposable form than the pod in my opinion. Good stuff!

11 months ago

This is definitely my formula for fun.

11 months ago

All I can say is, WOW! I suffer from debilitating back pain that has taken away my ability to walk. Surfin’ In A Hurricane takes care of my pain with an overall relaxation.

11 months ago

I just purchased one. It’s perfect and functional. Very soothing to a body. A mind and body relax state of calmness. Works best in the evening after a long day. I recommend for veterans being one myself. Thanks.

12 months ago

This is the first cartridge that I actually enjoy the taste. The effects are quite nice. I took off a star because it clogs worse than any other cartridge I’ve ever used. It might just be part of the course for having such a high THC percentage.

12 months ago

Has anyone noticed that they changed the tip to green and it taste different then the other pens I had that were Surfing in a hurricane.

1 year ago

It’s a damN sunami! Strong buzz

1 year ago

Works wonderfully for any kind of pain.
The staff is wonderful and extremely cordial and knowledgeable. Sometimes the vape gets clogged. Just unscrew the top and insert a pin or a safety pin and it will easily go thru and unclog it instantly.

I took off 1 star because of the price. It’s very expensive, but it’s cheaper than Knox.
All the dispensaries need to lower the price.
Thanks to the staff!
Excellent products!

1 year ago

Works wonderfully for any kind of pain.
The staff is wonderful and extremely cordial and knowledgeable. I took off 1 star because of the price. It’s very expensive, but it’s cheaper than Knox.
All the dispensaries need to lower the price.
Thanks to the staff!
Excellent products!

1 year ago

Not sure what happened to the quality of the device on my second purchase. Won’t repeat this one.

1 year ago

This has definately taken what I call the worst pain ever , broken ribs feel somewhat at ease from a accidental fall. it helps me relax more so the pain isn’t as bad as it was before .. Thanks to this I’m on the road to recovery …

1 year ago

The delivery system and excellent pain relief cant be beat from what I have seen, but it does seem to me to be very expensive for the very small amount of product. It seems like way to much was spent on packaging, change the packaging and maybe you could put more product in the pens.

1 year ago

Awesome, that is all 🙂

1 year ago

The product itself is fantastic but the $35 for what you get is not so fantastic. You guys can do better than this. It’s only adding anxiety 2 people who have anxiety because we are so worried about being able to afford our next refill.

1 year ago

Terrible. This is my 2nd (1st was bad and replaced at no cost to me after 2 trips back). The 2nd pen is now clogged after 2 uses and is useless. Can’t use the product without the pen, and I am tired of going back to Surterra about a product that has known problems.

1 year ago

Great product, my only issue these smaller pens go so fast. I have herniated disc and needed something in a pinch this little guy carried me for two days till I got paid. Great for mood and discomfort.

1 year ago

Love Tsunami vape. It immediately goes to the source of my pain (tumors).. Pain ebbs away. The flavor is grapefruit to me. Quickly becoming my go to for Cancer pain.

1 year ago

As far as taste, excellent. As far as dosage/quantity for $35 zero stars. Employee told me I would get 90 hits, more like 15. Total waste of money.

1 year ago

The quality is good but the price point is too high, Simply paying for the name

1 year ago

Love this! Tastes great, slight pineapple flavor. Only problem is it’s $35 and only lasted me two days. I do have a high tolerance but the other disposable vapes with similar mg are $10 less.

1 year ago


The dosage estimates are are highly exaggerated. They say you should expect 10 draws per day and a 10 day supply. Not even close! Im sure if i did 10 two second draws it wouldn’t last 3 days. I am a very light hitter and one pen didn’t last 4 days only 3/5 hits per day.
The flavor very pleasant and effects are okay. Way too expensive based on what you get in return.

1 year ago

This is the best product from the Coral Reefer line. The taste is very nice and the effects are outstanding. I’ve been a faithful customer since I was by the Surterra team!

1 year ago

I almost gave up on Surterra Wellness due to the over priced products but this little guy persuaded me to get back on board. Great new product.

1 year ago

I don’t know why I’m just now doing a review….I absolutely LOOOOOVE this product. This is definitely the best vape pen I’ve had PERIOD! It calms down my extreme anxiety and it relaxes me very well.

1 year ago

Love the taste and the effects of this product. The pen quit working on about my 10th draw. Had to transfer to a different cartridge. Lost some product in the process. Disappointed. Probably lost a days worth of medicine. Damn.

1 year ago

Amazing strain, taste beautifully and perfect relief. Super creative, pain reliving, & no anxiety

1 year ago

Nice flavor. It reminds me of key lime pie.

1 year ago

The first from Coral Reefer that Ive tried and its a great product! Long lasting effects (4 hours of awesome), smooth pull, LOVE the pineapple flavour, and it creeps up on you. Take those 5 deep breaths in between hits because you will find after your first pull, you won’t need a second. I took one hit and was loving life after just a couple minutes.

The ONLY downside? To me, its the same greatness as the regular Surterra brand pens. So next time I’d save the extra $10 and stick with the Zen pen, but that’s only because I’m poor lol! Its still a fantastic quality product.

1 year ago

This is an outstanding pain reducing product. It’s styled nicely with Carribbean type colors.
The taste is excellent and smooth.
I had have already placed my second order.
A big shout out to the home delivery crew and the telephone order crew. Excellent service.

1 year ago

I really love the effects of this pen, however, I’ve purchased a few pens of these, and they stop working while there is still a lot of product in left them, thus why I gave this 4 stars.

1 year ago

Meh. I was expecting much more with the name & straight THC. Very disappointed. Weird taste and didn’t help at all. Surterra’s Relief pen is much better

1 year ago

The name “Surfin in a Hurrican” lead me to believe this would be some powerful stuff. It is not. I surely had lots of energy but no euphoric effect at all.The delivery system is trendy and the aroma and taste is delicious, a very smooth product.
I just expected more from Jimmy and him using the coral reef as a marketing tool. We all now anything to do with Key Wests and the coral reef should be Primo.
I hesitate to try the other products in this line.

1 year ago

This has a nice mango taste that is not overpowering and smooth on the throat. Great mellow high that is not to intense. Finally a FL MMJ product that checks all my boxes! Highly recommend trying. Thanks JB & Surterra.

1 year ago

This new line is awesome! Surfing in a hurricane, tsunami? Love it! It turned me from lazy don’t want to go to work! Into I’m the guy that takes action!

1 year ago

So far I like it. From what the associate told me, it is 2% stronger than the 1:9 ratio but with no CBD. The pen hits pretty good, pretty much the same design as all other disposable vape pens they sell. It taste good too, hints of mango in my opinion. but I had to try the new jimmy buffet line and can’t wait for more of coral reefer products to come out

1 year ago

Beautiful taste and ridiculously good relaxation. Knocks my pain away almost instantly. Great body high. This has my vote! #1! WATCH THE WAVES! 😎

1 year ago

Excellent! Takes care of severe pain and relaxes the rest of the body all at once.

1 year ago

First of all I want to think Brian for all his help yesterday. His knowledge and help was amazing. This is my first vape pen and it has far been above standards. The tastes great with a margarita like tase. Way to go Brian and way to go coral reefer Surfin in A Hurricane!!!!!!!

1 year ago

More flavorful than other concentrates I’ve tried so far… somewhat reminiscent of citrus suntan lotion wafting through the air. Easy to put down after a couple puffs.

I’ve tried the 1:1 relaxing and makes for a happy clear head, 1:4 layered with 1:1, for daytime use… yes please, tackles moderate pain nicely, makes me wish I could rake. 😆 or something. Will be trying the higher CBD soon.

And now, the tsunami, perfect for a Coral Reefer launch party eve. All three are pleasant tasting, and no anxiety induced for me, which can be tricky sometimes. Love Surterra for this reason!

1 year ago

This is the best dispensary I’ve been to including dispensaries in Colorado. I’ve been in a plane wreck, head on collision, multiple military injuries, chronic pain and Leukemia. Suterra’s products treat all of my symptoms and still allow me to function. The staff is fantastic to, Toni, Melissa, Maria, and all the rest very friendly, knowledgeable, and kind.

1 year ago

This works great for pain the taste is good at first but after first use the taste is gross.

1 year ago

So fast the best results for my chronic back pain. Tastes great.

1 year ago

Excellent product! It has a great taste & works like a charm with my back pain & cancer/chemo side effects 😊

1 year ago

Probably the best product I have found for treating chronic pain, PTSD w/ depression and cancer. I’ve tried 4 other dispensaries and nearly all of their products. None compare to Surfin’

1 year ago

Tastes amazing, and definitely does its job

1 year ago

tastes almost like grapes or GDP. reminds me of the PM line meets the GDP from Fl Finest line 🙂