Articles about Books About Cannabis

  • “The ABCs of CBD” by Shira Adler

    Shira Adler both informs and aims to create awareness of the global context and attitudes toward CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis. She is able to take on the tougher subjects, like cannabis use for children, by clearly differentiating non-euphoric CBD from high-THC marijuana.

  • “A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis” by Nikki Furrer

    Don’t judge this book by its cover—the second book on our summer reading list is for gals, guys and anyone in between. As Nikki Furrer put it, “We don’t hang a ‘No Boys Allowed’ sign on our ladies’ cannabis clubhouse.”

  • “The Little Black Book of Marijuana” by Steve Elliott
  • The Ultimate 2019 Cannabis Summer Reading List

    These six books will help you discover the wonders of cannabis without the drag of trudging through a pharmaceutical textbook. Trot the globe with Joe Dolce, host your own elegant cannabis-infused dinner party with Lizzie Post and make your own whipped foot-reviving cream with Nikki Furrer.